Herbalife Radiant c Daily Facial Scrub Cleanser

Hi everyone,
so today i’m going to review the Herbalife radiant c daily facial scrub cleanser*.
I get sent this lovely product to share with you and i couldn’t wait to share it, i have given it about a week and a bit to really see what its like and i love it. You might know i am a bit obsessed with skin care!

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I think i have a lot of cleanser, but this one is now my favorite. It is a cleanser that you can use daily, i only use it once a day mainly in the morning, because i think the little beads make my makeup stay on longer.
It has tiny exfoliating grains/beads in it to help exfoliate your skin as well as cleanse it completely. It’s really good for combination skins as it also helps to control oil on your skin.
Its got vitamin c in to cleanse the skin while still keeping it soft. orange and lemon peel oil to balance out the oil on your skin and then ylang ylang to help soften the skin.

It makes my skin look more radiant as well This isn’t shiny. I hate shine. i have quite oily skin and if i have oil or shine on my skin my make-up will just slide right off my face. That’s why i like this product because it exfoliates as well as gets rid of my shine, and makes my skin look healthy.
Its so nice! also did you know that herbalife do a weight loss program as well i had no idea. If you would like to check out any of there products the link is www.herbalforhealth.co.in