Check whether you have purchased HERBALIFE products from proper channel or not?

Check whether you have purchased HERBALIFE products from proper channel or not? To verify it, following 5 things need to be confirmed.

1> There must be a QR Code on the front side of the HERBALIFE product’s box. 

2> There must be a BAR Code on the back side of the HERBALFE product’s box. 

3> There must be several HERBALIFE BRAND logo after removing the HERBALFE product’s cap.

4> There must be a FSSAI mark with LIC No. on the front side of HERBALIFE product’s box.

5> There must be a SCOOP inside if the product is in powder form.

Despite of all the above five signs, 1st one (QR Code) is very important. If the 1st one (QR Code) is missing on the HERBALIFE Product’s box, means you have purchased the products from unauthorized seller. Please note that, HERBALIFE Company put this kind of QR code on the product’s box and scans it before selling it to any distributor to assure the products quality as well as the authenticity of a distributor.

Can you make money with Herbalife? (HERBALIFE= FUN, SIMPLE, MAGICAL!!!)

You can share in the success. The Herbalife products and the amazing results people get on them, is by now well known. The Herbalife brand has never been so prominent as right now. More and more people world wide choose Herbalife as their nutritional supplement of choice. With such amazing products, there must be an amazing business opportunity, and the only question that remains is this: Can you make money with Herbalife?




No you can’t.!!!

Herbalife products are exclusively being distributed through a distribution system (https://herbalforhealth) whereby the products get moved from the Herbalife warehouses, directly to Herbalife distributors(

To make money with Herbalife, you must become part of the distribution chain

Only Herbalife distributors may purchase Herbalife products from Herbalife. All of them do so at a discount. The minimum distributor discount is 25% and the maximum is 50% discount.

These distributors all have two rights which they acquire when they become independent Herbalife distributors:

The right to resell the Herbalife products to customers at retail, making a retail profit.
The right to sponsor new Herbalife distributors, and to sell products to them at discount making a wholesale profit.
Herbalife pays back 73% of its turnover to its distributors through it’s unique compensation plan.

How can you make money with Herbalife?

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Step 1: is to become part of the distribution chain. Get sponsored by another Herbalife distributor. You do this by purchasing a International Business Pack (IBP) and registering as a distributor in the network of your sponsor.

Step 2: is to start tapping into the 73% of the turnover that gets paid back to the distributors.

You do so by getting yourself to the highest discount level possible and by building a team of active Herbalife distributors. If you do so, you will position yourself to earn maximum profits from day one, without leaving any money on the table.
You can immediately earn Retail profit. This is cash in your pocket.
When you build your team, you will also earn:
* wholesale profit (more cash in your pocket)
* royalties (5% on your network of top discount earners three levels deep)
* production bonuses of 2%, 4% & 6% on your whole distribution network.

Do you still doubt that you can make money with Herbalife?

You should not. But, your success is determined by your own efforts. It is certainly not a get rich quick business, but it is a business where you can do really well for yourself.
…and you actually can get rich quick, but in order to do so, you need to work really hard to build a large and effective distribution network..
…if you can help your distributors to realise that they can make money with Herbalife, and inspire them to do it, you are on your way to your own success…
To be the best example for your team, you have to be a product of the products. You must lead by example, and the first example is to show your distributors that you take your own health seriously and therefore you use the Herbalife products every single day in order to be the healthiest you that you can possibly be.

Second you be the example to them of the kind of distributor you want them to be. Positive. Encouraging. Active. Happy. Healthy. Prosperous.

Our team of Herbalife distributors make use of the Internet to create a sense of community. We use Facebook groups, we blog as a team at, and we take advantage of the group momentum.

Join us now…

Become a Herbalife distributor today.


You can Join Herbalife in a few minutes with following easy steps, sign-up using the online application:

A. Click this link to buy HERBALIFE joining kit “Buy HERBALIFE Joining Kit”
B. Once you have the IBP, have these 4 datas ready:
1. Sponsor’s Herbalife ID Number :W1975728
2. First 3 Letters of Sponsor’s Last Name :YAD
3. Application ID
4. Online Code:
C. And click this link to“Apply Online”

Your starting discount is 25%! If you need assistance,

just email us (or)
Call Us 24X7 at +91-9343213141.