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Omron HBF-375 Scan Body Composition & Scale

Omron HBF-375 Scan Body Composition & Scale
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    Omron HBF-375 Scan Body Composition & Scale

Health management is key to living a normal and balanced life. The Omron Karada Scan HBF-375 Body Fat Analyzer helps to tackle your weight related issues, thus ensuring a healthy life for you.



This Omron body composition monitor comes with Full Body Sensing Technology that helps to provide complete and detailed body composition analysis that includes body fat percentage, visceral fat level, skeletal muscle percentage and more.

    Products Details:

  • This step-on body fat analyzer features a monitor with an easy-to-read display which gives you readings such as skeletal muscle and subcutaneous fat percentages. The device comes with 4 memory preset which are capable of storing memory up to 90 days.

    Key Benefits:

  • 4 Memory Preset
  • Step On Analyser
  • 1 Operation Mode
  • Body Fat Percentage
  • Visceral Fat Analysis


    Fast fact:

The progress chart display and same age comparison features help to understand your body condition better and track your weight reduction plan. This device tracks your segmental subcutaneous fat and skeletal muscle percentage. These features makes managing your weight an easy task.



To know more about HBF-375 Body Composition & Scale, please write us at: or call us at +91-9343213141/+91-8880944028.


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