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Herbalife - ShakeMate - 500gm

Herbalife - ShakeMate - 500gm
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    Herbalife - ShakeMate - 500gm

ShakeMate is a milk & soy based nutritious drink mix. It is a perfect partner for your Formula 1 shake, it makes your shake taste great while helping you boost your daily intake of Protein, Vitamin D, and Calcium.

    ShakeMate - Key Benefits :

  • It is a Perfect partner for your Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix, it makes your shake taste great.
  • Provides approximately 1/3rd of Lactose when compared to 300ml of Skimmed Milk.
  • It is a Low Glycemic Index Food*.
  • Delivers 10.75 g of high – quality Protein (PDCAAS 1)** per serve.
  • Delivers 1g fat, 1.65 mcg Vitamin D & 129 mg Calcium per serve.
  • ShakeMate has been developed to help individuals to wants to use powder formula in place of Skimmed/Soy milk in their shakes and prepare shake anywhere, anytime.
  • Perfect to customize your favorite Formula 1.

    ShakeMate - Fast Facts :

  • No added sugar.
  • Contains natural sweetener i.e. Stevia.
  • It is an easy and Convenient way to prepare your shake.
  • Easy to store pack.
  • No need to refrigerate.

    Usage :

ShakeMate - One Product multiple combination.

  • Meal Replacement: 3 scoop Formula 1 + 2 scoops ShakeMate + 300ml water, blend.
  • Meal replacement with protein power: 3 scoop Formula 1 + 2 scoops ShakeMate + 1 scoop Personalized protein powder + 300ml water, blend.
  • High Protein Meal replacement: 3 scoop Formula 1 + 2 scoops ShakeMate + 2 scoops Personalized protein powder + 300ml water, blend.
  • Healthy drink for kids : 2 scoops Dinoshake + 2 scoops ShakeMate + 240ml water, mix or blend.

Note: Dinoshake, for children of age 2 years and above, take 1 serving a day.



ShakeMate - Pregnant or lactating women should consult their physician prior to use of this product.

*ShakeMate is tested and confirmed as Low GI. The testing has been conducted according to the Internationally recognized methodology (ISO 26642) at an Australian University.

**It contains Soy protein isolate and skimmed milk powder which are an excellent quality protein source; they have a Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score (PDCAAS) of 1. PDCAAS is the world standard for evaluating the quality of protein from different food sources, and the highest possible score is 1.This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease.



100% Vegetarian.

To know more about Herbalife - ShakeMate, please write us at:  or  Call us at  +91-9343213141/+91-8880944028

*These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, illnessor pain. In compliance with applicable Laws.

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