HERBALIFE Products Quality CHECKER !!!

Check whether you have purchased HERBALIFE products from proper channel or not? To verify it, following 5 things need to be confirmed.

(1) There must be a QR Code on the front side of the HERBALIFE product's box. 

(2) There must be a BAR Code on the back side of the HERBALFE product's box. 

(3) There must be several HERBALIFE BRAND logo after removing the HERBALFE product's cap.

(4) There must be a FSSAI mark with LIC No. on the front side of HERBALIFE product's box.

(5) There must be a SCOOP inside if the product is in powder form (Some time the scoop may be missing) .

Despite of all the above five signs, 1st one (QR Code) is very important. If the 1st one (QR Code) is missing on the HERBALIFE Product's box, means you have purchased the products from unauthorized seller. Please note that, HERBALIFE Company put this kind of QR code on the product’s box and scans it before selling it to any distributor to assure the products quality as well as the authenticity of a distributor.

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